Survey of Co-Morbid Mental Health in Detransitioned Females – Analysis and Results

211 detransitioned females were surveyed. The survey looked at their basic demographics, diagnostic history, symptoms and how they found their transition history and mental health to be related. The survey ran from November 2nd, 2016 to December 1st, 2016. Recruitment was mostly done through various social media. Analysis of the results can be found here

Full results excluding responses to question #8 can be found here.

Full responses to question #8 can be found here.


20 thoughts on “Survey of Co-Morbid Mental Health in Detransitioned Females – Analysis and Results

  1. I worked in medical research and my only comment is this is well written, clear, easy to follow along on your analysis and WELL DONE. You’ve really done a service to many – this is some heavy lifting for young women who are not being listned to elsewhere. Not. Anywhere else. You are a pioneer.

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  2. UK newspapers carrying Transcritical commentary and headlines today. I think this is result of This World documentary ‘ Kids Know Best’ bbc2 Thurs 12th Jan. Programme presented both sides and public response to it seems to have empowered journalists to challenge Transactivist narrative. This survey should be picked up or sent to mainstream press, It highlights how NHS is failing to ro perky treat young girls, by affirming they are missing that Trans is a symptom of a disorder . So sad they are left unsupported and suffering possibly compounded by irreversible surgery and chemicals.

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  3. until this withstands the scientific rigor or peer review and publication, it’s only opinion and useless. It does not add to the existing body of literature until it is in the literature.


  4. I would add to the above comment by Science before Ideology that Wendell Berry made a distinction between EXPERIMENT and EXPERIENCE. In the current world we live in, we have devalued actual experience, choosing to rely totally on so-called “scientific” research which is often highly biased and not scientific at all. I am sure one can find a seemingly scientific study which fully supports the notion of transgenderism (and then discover it is funded by the makers of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, etc).

    I think your work should be commended; it provides an excellent basis for thought and discussion. And it is extremely painful to read about young women’s experience of this insane world we have created.

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  5. […] Detransition and Reidentification: Survey Results and Interpretation” Sept, 2016. [10] “Survey of Co-morbid Mental Health in Detransitioned Females – Analysis and Results” Jan 2017. [11] “Bath Spa University ‘blocks transgender […]


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