We refuse, as detransitioned women, to ally with the religious right.

I signed a statement refusing to align myself with the ADF and urging other detransitioned women to do the same.


Re-Sisters Zine

After months of work and contributions from lots of talented detransitioned and reidentified womyn, the zine Re-Sisters is available. It’s full of extremely powerful writing and art by womyn about their transitions and detransitions. It’s an extremely illuminating read about the experience of disidentification.

A free/pay what you choose PDF version of the zine is available as is a physical copy for $5 plus shipping.

Download the PDF

Purchase the zine

Female/AFAB Dysphoria Management Survey – Analysis and Results

359 dysphoric females/AFAB individuals not currently pursing transition as a dysphoria management strategy were surveyed. This included non-transitioning, reidentified and detransitioned/detransitioning individuals. Recruitment for the survey was done primarily through social media and the survey ran from February 7th, 2017 through March 7th, 2017.

Questions were asked about basic demographics, transition history and what, besides transition, had provided relief from dysphoria. The intent of the survey was to discover what dysphoria management strategies have been used by those not using transition as a strategy.

Full results and analysis can be viewed here.





Fellow Detransitioned Womyn, Don’t Be Afraid To Reach Out To Us

Most of us have really strong opinions and can seem intimidating but we’re always willing to talk or help you process things even if you don’t have the same politics. We can also hook you up with detransitioned and reidentified community. I can say from experience that it’s much easier to understand all of this when you can talk to people with similar experiences.

You can always go to the contact section of my page and send me a message. If you’re also detransitioned, reidentified or dysphoric I’ll always get back to you.